Vaginal Yeast Infection
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Yeast infection in the vagina is commonly caused by overgrowth of a yeasty fungus known as Candida albicans. Under normal conditions, this organism is present in the vaginal area in tolerable count. However, in the presence of bodily cues of imbalance, it can multiply several hundred times and can turn hostile to the system. Yeast infection can also be acquired by transmission of invasive Candida during sexual interaction with an infected person, although this mode is fairly rare. Vaginal yeast infection may be localized (less severe and concentrated along genitals only) or systemic (chronic and spread across different body parts).

Vaginal Yeast Infection


A localized vaginal yeast infection is discernible via symptoms like itching, burning and irritating sensation in the vagina, painful vaginal swelling, vaginal rash, bad odour, and abnormal vaginal discharge like cottage-cheese. Vaginal yeast infection is reportedly the second most common reason for vaginal itching and irritation in women.

Systemic infection is manifested by all the above symptoms, along with additional problems such as painful swelling of the anus, difficulty in having sexual intercourse, pain during urination, labial itching and burning, swelling of the hemorrhoid veins, fatigue and sluggishness, oral thrush, skin breakouts, rashes, and painful skin cracks due to extreme dryness of vaginal and vulva area .

It may be noted that other vaginal infections also often exhibit themselves via similar symptoms. So it is imperative to confirm the cause of these symptoms to be yeast infection before commencing any treatment.

Signs and tests

Pelvic examination may show swelling of the skin in vagina, vulva and cervix. Presence of dry, white plaques on the vaginal wall indicates a yeasty deposition. Examination of vaginal discharge under a microscope along with KOH test can also reveal the presence of excess Candida. Conducting a culture can provide evidence for Candida that causes repetitive infections.


  • Internal causes: Improper dietary practices (such as high consumption of sugar and carbohydrate, lack of raw food and fibre, lack of nutrition, consumption of foods that turn the internal medium to acidic), stress, lack of sleep, prolonged intake of antibiotics & over-the-counter drugs, compromised immunological barrier, toxins in the liver, kidneys and gut, and hormone fluctuations (due to pregnancy, menstruation, consumption of oral contraceptives and steroids) are the internal causes of vaginal Candidiasis.

  • External Causes: Lack of cleanliness of the vaginal area, wearing tight, non-cotton clothes that trap sweat and humidity, sultry weather, using fragranced feminine hygiene sprays, toilet papers and napkins, improper washing after passing bowels (from rear to front), and sexual contact with an infected person can lead to the spread of this yeasty fungus.


Conventionally, anti-fungal agents like Miconazole, clotrimazole, tioconazole, and butoconazole are often used to treat the symptoms. Oral pills like fluconazole and vaginal suppositories are also prescribed. However, these only treat the symptoms and not the cause, and thus bring only temporary relief. Also, as the C. albicans can morph itself in different genetic forms, therefore resistance to an anti-fungal agent is quickly made possible, making the drug infective. These agents also come bundled with a host of side-effects such as nausea and abdominal pain.

It is better to solve the real problem by mitigating the internal and external factors as discussed above. A diet devoid of sugar and carbohydrates can starve the Candida, while restoring the body’s naturally alkaline pH level combined with a strong immunity system can combat any infection, including Candidiasis. Similarly, stress control and elimination of the ingestion of oral contraceptives can make the internal environment highly unsuitable for Candida overgrowth. Enema at home can help to get rid of internal toxins and accumulated waste.

To get rid of the irritating symptoms in 12 hours, before proceeding to the lengthy treatment of the actual disease, it is advisable to use natural remedies as they do not cause side-effects and don’t make the fungus resistant. Raw, pure, unheated, and unprocessed honey is known to have powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant properties and can be used to heal wounds due to infections. Plain yoghurt, without any added sugar, colours, additives, flavours and preservatives, can be applied as a vaginal cream for relief and relaxation. Yoghurt will also replenish the vagina with a lot of probiotic bacteria and will kill Candida in the process. Applying garlic to the vagina by wrapping it in a cheese cloth can instantly bring relief from yeast infection. Inulin is a fibre present in garlic which is highly favourable to the vagina.

Ignoring any one factor responsible for vaginal yeast problems is equivalent to leaving the problem untreated, as until that imbalance is neutralized, the relentless fungus will keep resuming its invasive role after temporary intervals. Holistic vaginal yeast infection treatment, which addresses all such factors can stop this vicious cycle of recurrence of infection and can prevent it from becoming dangerous or morbid. Holistic vaginal yeast infection treatment is the absolute ideal, as it also comes without the side-effects and works with the natural make-up of your system.

Vaginal Yeast Infection

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Vaginal Yeast Infection

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